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Greener Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics Vol. 1 (1), pp. 011-016, February 2014.

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Manuscript Number: 1205131016


Evaluation of Changing Daily Milking Frequency on Milk Yield and Total Solids from Boran Breeds Crossed with Holstein Frisians at Hawassa, South Ethiopia


Melese Gashu Nigatu


Debre Markos University, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources,

Department of Animal Sciences, Po.Box, 269, Debre-markos, Ethiopia.


Email: amanuelmelese @ gmail. com


The study was conducted at Hawassa University dairy farm for three consecutive weeks with the objective to evaluate the effect of changing milking frequency from 2X to 3X daily on yield and total solids of milk using half udder technique. Five cows (2nd and greater lactation) were selected from the farm. Their udder was divided diagonally and assigned randomly to 2X and 3X milking treatments. During the experiment all cows were managed alike and fed roughage free choice and concentrate feeds controlled. The results of the study indicated that, the quarters milked 3X daily produced significantly (P<0.05) more milk yield (12.5%) than that of 2X daily, and there was no significant difference (P<0.05) between the treatments in ash and dry matter percentage, although DM and ash percentages for the quarters milked 3X daily were numerically lower. The amount of total solids in 3X milking was increased by about 8.28 kg due to the increased yield. Therefore, it can be concluded that 3X milking is highly productive mainly in terms of yield, however, the management and production systems of the farm have to be improved to maintain the production advantage.

Keywords: Cow, Milking Frequency, Milk Yield, Total Solids. 

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