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Baidoo et al

Greener Journal of  Agricultural Sciences Vol. 3 (4), pp. 271-279, April 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7770 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 103012171


Willingness to Pay for Improved Water for Farming in the Upper East Region of Ghana


Baidoo I.1, Ramatu M. Al-Hassan2,

Asuming-Brempong S.2, Osei-Akoto I.3

and Asante F. A.3


1 Biotechnology & Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute (BNARI), Ghana Atomic Energy Commission.

2 Department of Agricultural Economics & agribusiness, University of Ghana, Legon.

3 Institute of Statistical, Social & Economic Research, University of Ghana Legon.


Corresponding Author’s Email: baidus@ yahoo. com


This study examined the irrigation systems practiced in the Upper East Region of Ghana. It also estimated the farmers’ willingness to pay for improved access to water for irrigation. Descriptive statistics were used to assess the expenditure incurred in the irrigation systems. Logistic regression approach was used to estimate willingness to pay for improvement in these systems of irrigation. Gravity motorized pumps was used to distribute water and hand-watering with bucket. Were the systems of irrigation practised in the rainy season? Hand watering was also done in the dry season. About 80% expressed willingness to pay for an improvement in their system of irrigation. For recommendation, government should subsidize the price of fertilizer in the study area since the respondents used the input alongside irrigation. Also other bodies and agencies should help improve the system of irrigation in the area by upgrading the existing ones and gradually deducting as part of the cost of water since the respondents were willing to pay for such an improvement.
Key words: Improved, Water, Willingness, Pay, Agricultural, Activities.

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