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Mardi et al

Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. 5 (3), pp. 076-080, June 2015.

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Mango Leaf Gall Midge Procontarinia Matteiana (Kieffer & Cecconi) (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) In Sudan


Hatim Guma Mardi*1, Saif Eldin Mohamed Kheir Hag Ahmed2 and Awad Khalafalla Taha2


1El Obeid Research Station, Agricultural Research Corporation, Sudan.

2College of Agricultural Studies, Sudan University of Science and Technology, Sudan.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: htmhashim@ yahoo. com


This study was conducted to provide information on the distribution, life cycle and seasonal abundance of Mango leaf gall midge, Procontarinia matteiana (Kieffer & Cecconi) in the Sudan. A total of 97 sites in all mango growing areas were surveyed. P. matteiana infestation in all surveyed sites revealed that the insect was widely distributed with 100% infested trees in 84 sites, while 13 sites were found free of the infestation. Life cycle duration of P. matteiana under field conditions showed high variation ranged from 1.5 to 8.4 months.  P. matteiana adults seem to be very active and coincide with the mango new flush. In El Molbus, North Kordofan State, two peaks of galls were reported in late September and late November. Abu Giebaha in South Kordofan State reported three peaks of galls in late of July, August and November. The study concluded that P. matteiana is widely distributed in the Sudan and it expected to cause a serious loss in mango production in all infested areas.


Keywords: Procontarinia matteiana, Mango and Sudan.

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