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Abdulsalam et al

Greener Journal of Agricultural Sciences Vol. 6 (5), pp. 173-179, May 2016.

 ISSN: 2276-7770  

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 012716023



The Complimentary Role of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in Agricultural Knowledge Management in Nigeria


Abdulsalam Abdulwaheed, Olaifa Taye Paul, Frederick Alu


National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization (NCAM). P.M.B. 1525, Ilorin Kwara State Nigeria.


This paper examines the contribution of ICT to Agriculture Knowledge Management, gathering, storing, retrieving, adopting, localizing and disseminating innovations needed for rural farm families and linkages between research and extension systems. The research focused on the situation in Nigeria and strategies to be adopted for enhancement as well as the challenges related to sharing, exchanging and disseminating agricultural information and knowledge.


Keywords: ICT, Agriculture, Knowledge management, Nigeria.

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