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Greener Journal of  Biological Sciences Vol. 2 (2), pp. 025-027October 2012

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 08241253


First Ever Report on Olive Leaf Nut Galls caused by an Unidentified CecidomyiidaenSpp in District Karak, Kpk, Pakistan


Shahida Naveed1*, Muhammad Ibrar2 and Inayatullah Khattak3


1Botany Department, University of Peshawar, shahidanaveed@, Cell: 9203005864454

2Botany Department, University of Peshawar, Ibrarm2000@

3NRM-Coordinator, BKPAP, SRSP, KARAK, KPK, Pakistan, cell: 9203459359865, Inayatkhattak71@


*Corresponding Author’s Email: shahidanaveed@ live. com


Galls are outgrowths which are formed on the outer surface of different plants parts as a result of response to the infections of various parasites, from Bacteria, Fungi several other insects. They affect the plant growth by reducing the photosynthesizing area or by consuming the plant’s stored food materials but at the same time they are of great interest to Biologist, Plant Pathologist .They are mostly a rich source of Tannins. Many plant species mostly oak plants have been reported for their different galls. But olive leaf galls have not yet been reported so far. This study is the first ever report on leaf galls of wild olive from Shamshukii, District Karak, KPK, Pakistan.

Keywords: wild olive, leaf galls, Shamshukkii, first ever report.

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