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Greener Journal of  Biological Sciences Vol. 3 (4), pp. 155-164, May 2013.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: GJMS1206


Comparative studies of chemoreceptor on male genitalia of two wasps species (Family:Pompilidae)


Amal M. F.  Al-Barty


Biological science Department, Faculty of science, Taif university

Email: abzs9999 @ yahoo. com


There are variation in the fine structure between the male genitalia (subgenital plate and gonostyli of Auplopus nigroaurntiacus ( magretti) and Anoplius sp (near to viaticus Linne) (Family : Pompilidae) . The gonostyi of A. nigroaurantiacus carried very long trichoid sensillae in terminal part , styloconis sensillae and porous trichoid sensillae in inner surface . while gonostyli of A. arabicus carried a large number trichoid sensillae (tsI & 2).
On other side , The subgenital plat of A.nigroaurantiacus carried different types of sensor hairs as . Basiconic sensillae (1 to 5) and trichoid sensilae (I to V) while the subgenital plate of Anoplius sp covered by a different types of porous trichoid sensillae (tsI to IV). This study help to identify and different between two closed wasps species.

Key words: male genitalia, Pompilidae, subgenital plat, gonostyi, sensillae, Anoplius sp,Auplopus nigroaurntiacus

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