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Table of Content: August 2013; Vol. 3(6)

Research Articles


Bamigboye, O. O. 
Screening of Some Fungi Associated with Maize Cob Degradation

for Cellulase Activity     

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 208-212


Mekbib S.B., Marole T.A. and Asita A.O.            

Qualitative Assessment of Livestock Faeces and Sewage for Antibiotic

Resistant Strains of E. coli in Roma, Lesotho      

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 213-219


Maureen Khatiera Luvanda, John Maingi, Paul Okemo, 
Yang E.
Analysis of the Effects of Di-Electric Heating on Common Food

Bacterial Pathogens: Evaluation Based on Antibiotic Susceptibil      

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF] pp. 220-228


Chima U.D., Ofodile E.A.U. and Okorie M.C.F.
A Survey of Plants Used in the Treatment of Ante-Natal and

Post-Natal Disorders in Nneochi Local Government Area of

Abia State, Nigerias       

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF] pp. 229-237


Lawal Garba, Muhammad Yusha’u and Adamu Yerima
Antibacterial Activity of Ethanol Extract of Phoenix dactylifera Leaves

against some Gram Negative Bacterial Isolates
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF] pp. 238-243


George U. U., Idung J. U., Andem A. B., Okorafor K. A., 
Mowang D. 
Diet Composition and Condition Factor of Ethmalosa fimbriata in the

Cross River Estuary
[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF] pp. 244-252


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