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Greener Journal of  Biological Sciences Vol. 3 (6), pp. 213-219, August 2013.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 041613579


Qualitative Assessment of Livestock Faeces and Sewage for Antibiotic Resistant Strains of E. coli in Roma, Lesotho


Mekbib S.B.*, Marole T.A. and Asita A.O.


Department of Biology, National University of Lesotho.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: sbmekbib @ @ gmail. com,

Tel: (+266) 63242329; (+266) 52340000


Sewage water (SW) and fresh livestock faeces: Chicken (ChNF), Sheep (SF), and Cattle (CF) were taken randomly from the farm of the National University of Lesotho aseptically during the 2012 academic year. Twenty ml of sewage water or 20 grams of fresh animal faeces was dissolved in 80 ml of sterilized Ringer’s solution and serially diluted. A 0.1 ml of sample suspension at 10-4 dilution was spread plated on Nutrient Agar (NA) and Eosine Methyl Blue (EMB) and plates were incubated for 24-48h at 24 and 37°C, respectively. A disc diffusion method was used to test the reaction of selected strains of Enterobacteriaceaeto nine antibiotics. In total, 24 strains under Enterobacteriaceae were isolated from the respective sources and the number of each that were Escherichia coli, as confirmed by the biochemical tests were: SW (7 and 3); ChNF (5 and 3); SF (8 and 6) and CF (4 and 2). Thirteen E. coli strains fermented lactose and were Catalase positive, while only one E. colistrain from SW was non-lactose fermenter and Catalase negative. The lethal potencies, as number of isolates sensitive to the 9 antibiotics, ranked as: Colistin = Amikacin (24/24) > Kanamycin (23/24) > Chloramphenicol (22/24) > Cefotaxime (21/24) > Sulphafurazole (7/24) > Methicillin (1/24) > Penicillin G = Rifampicin (0/24). Sensitivity of the E. coli strains ranked as follows, Colistin = Amikacin = Kanamycin (14/14) > Chloramphenicol (13/14) > Cefotaxime (12/14) > Sulphafurazole (6/14) > Methicillin (1/14) > Penicillin G = Rifampicin (0/14). This result showed that the development of antibiotic resistant E. coli strains, which can pass through food chain to humans and other organisms if stringent control measures are not taken. Strict quarantine procedures have to be applied to control such potential health risks.

Keywords: Escherichia Coli; Antibiotics; Sewage water; Entrobacteriaceae; Resistance.

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