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Greener Journal of  Biological Sciences Vol. 4 (4), pp. 103-110, May 2014.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 031014138


 Comparative Anatomical Study on Ferula L. species in NE Iran


Fatemeh (Aida) Ashena, Azarnoosh Jafari*,

Khadijeh Nejad Shahrokhabady


Department of Biology, Faculty of sciences, Mashhad Branch,

Islamic Azad University, Mashhad, Iran.


 *Email: azarnoosh_djafari @


In present research, comparative anatomical study was carried on eight Ferula species in NE Iran. The specimens were collected during March- June 2010- 2012. After identification, the cross sections from the base of stem, mature leaves, petioles and mericarps were prepared, and then stained by differential staining. Internal structure of stems, leaves and petioles varied among the species due to the shape and type of collenchymous tissue below the epidermis layer and sclerenchymous strands above the phloem, the shape of vascular bundle, the position and number of secretory ducts and the type of mesophyll. Also, in the mericarps, the number of dorsal rib, vallecular vittae, commissural vittae and wing width changed among the species.

Keywords: Anatomy, mericarp, Iran, Ferula, sclerenchyma, collenchyma.

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