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Greener Journal of  Biological Sciences Vol. 5 (1), pp. 001-009, March 2015.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 1216131030



Milk Composition and Cheesemaking ability in Ewes: Influence of Major Milk Components and pH on Individual Cheese Yield at a Laboratory Scale in Ewes


Hammed Bousselmi1 and M. Houcine Othmane2,3*


1Office de Développement Sylvo-Pastoral du Nord Ouest, Route de Tunis km 1, 9000 Beja, Tunisia.

2Centre Régional des Recherches Agricoles, BP 357, 9100 Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia.

3Laboratoire des Productions Animale et Fourragère (INRAT), Rue Hédi Karray, 2049 Ariana, Tunisia.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: @iresa.; Phone: + 216 98 939 501, 

Fax: + 216 76 624086


The relationships between the individual laboratory cheese yield and the composition of milk from four flocks of ewes in the north-west of Tunisia have been studied. A total of 3260 individual milk samples were taken and their physicochemical composition (fat, protein, useful matter, total solids and pH) and cheese yield at a laboratory scale were determined. Statistical analysis of field data confirmed that there were significant variations in cheese yield capacity with all environmental variation factors, the most notable being flock test date, days in milk and parity. The individual cheese yield was significantly influenced by initial pH of milk. Useful matter, (a combination of fat and protein contents)and total solids were the most relevant chemical variables related to variations in the laboratory cheese yield of the individual milksmilk samples. Finally, the regression equations confirmed that cheese yield capacity was also subject to factors other than milk composition itself.


Keywords: dairy ewes; individual laboratory cheese yield; milk composition; pH.


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