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Njoku and Evbuomwan

Greener Journal of Chemical Science and Technology Vol. 1 (1), pp. 001-005, May 2014.

ISSN: 2384-6364  © 2013 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 041414186


Utilization of Essential Oil and Pectin Extracted from Nigerian Orange Peels


*V.I. Njoku, B.O. Evbuomwan


Department of Chemical Engineering, college of Graduate Studies, University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Nigeria.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: letsbeconnected @ yahoo. com, Phone: +2348037733196


Steam distillation was used to extract essential oil from orange peel. The essential oil was mixed with kerosene in the ratio of 1 to 3, and the mixture saturated with camphor to form a very potent insecticide. The prepared insecticide was tested on flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes and ants, and it killed them within 5 minutes of contact. Dried orange peel residue from complete steam distillation of essential oil from the peels were fed to goat, and were eaten up. The pectin extracted from the steam distillation residues were light brown in colour and insoluble in cold water, but soluble when heated to about 90oC for 15minutes. The percentage yield of the pectin was obtained to be 22.4% on wet basis and 21.3% on dry basis.

Keyword: Utilization, Essential oil, Pectin, Extracted, Orange, insecticide, production.