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Damiyano and Mzumara

Greener Journal of  Economics and Accountancy Vol. 2 (2), pp. 062-067June 2013

 ISSN: 2354-2357 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number:051413611


Is it Oil only that Matters in Sudan’s Foreign Sector?


David Damiyano*and Macleans Mzumara2


Department of Economics, Bindura University of Science Education, P/Bag 1020, Bindura, Zimbabwe.


Email: 2macmzumara @ yahoo. com


The authors have investigated comparative advantage of Sudan. The results show that Sudan has comparative advantage in 60 product lines. The authors have concluded that Sudan has capabilities of producing other products other than oil although the current base is too small. The authors also concluded that Sudan exports oil in a crude form hence it is loosing earnings by not refining the product.

Keywords: Comparative advantage, exports, international trade.

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