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Greener Journal of  Economics and Accountancy Vol. 2 (1), pp. 030-043January 2013

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Manuscript Number:110512228


Management Information System Impact on Profitability and Decision-Making in Selected Manufacturing Firms in Nigeria


Oladejo Kayode Samson


Department of Accounting, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, P.M.B 5006 Ikeji-Arakeji,

Osun State, Nigeria


Corresponding Author’s Email: Kay_oladejo83 @ yahoo .com, Tel: +234803-693-1943


This research study examined the impact of management information system in manufacturing firms’ decision- making in selected manufacturing firms in Nigeria. Various literatures that showed the impact of MIS on manufacturing firms’ decision- making were reviewed, and only primary data was used in the study. Chi-square technique was also used in testing the hypotheses. This study checks how management information system helps an organization to perform effectively. It also appraised the problems encountered in the installation and structural framework of information systems as well as analyzing the socio-economic factors that affects the stream (flow) of information in Nigeria manufacturing firms. From the research, it has been deduced that management information system has significant impact on manufacturing firms’ decision- making and profitability. Finally, in other to make an organization to perform effectively and function well, this research would recommend that MIS should form an important unit in all manufacturing firms. Since the survival of any manufacturing firm in this technology age depends on it.

Keywords: Management Information System (MIS), Decision- Making, Profitability, Manufacturing Firms, Information System.

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