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Fafioye and John-Dewole

Greener Journal of  Environment Management and Public Safety Vol. 2 (2), pp. 060-064, February 2013.  

ISSN: 2354-2276 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 011213371


A Critical Assessment of Waste Management Problems in Ibadan South-West Local Government Area, Ibadan, Nigeria


 Fafioye, O.O. and *John-Dewole, O.O.


Department of Environmental Management, Lead City University, Ibadan.


Corresponding Author’s Email: segunotaru @ phone: +2348034968640


This paper did a critical assessment of waste management problems in Ibadan South-West Local Government Area (LGA) of Oyo State in Nigeria. Six hypotheses were tested using Pearson Product Moment Correlation (r) at a significant level (α-level) of 0.01, to check the significant relationships of six identified factors that contributed to the waste management problems in the study area. The results of the hypotheses tested indicated that there were significant relationships between the problems and the educational background of the city dwellers. The nonchalant attitude of the inhabitants towards their environment is another significant contributory factor to waste management problems in Ibadan South-west LGA. Lack of adequate number of environmental-health personnel and good operational equipments to work with also posed a big problem to waste management in the study area. The results further revealed that the area suffered waste management problems due to lack of proper physical town planning and lack of adequate funding to support the poor environmental state of health of the community. The concerned authorities were thereby advised to take note of the six factors highlighted in the study and to also effect necessary changes to mitigate the effects of these problems.

Keywords: Environmental hazards, solid waste, waste disposal, waste management

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