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Farid et al

Greener Journal of  Environment Management and Public Safety Vol. 2 (4), pp. 166-171, August 2013.  

ISSN: 2354-2276 

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 062413686


Comparative Study of Noise Levels in Various Areas of Faisalabad, Pakistan


Mujahid Farid1, Shafaqat Ali1*,

Muhammad Bilal Shakoor1Ahmad Azam2, Sana Ehsan1

Hafiz Muhammad Tauqeer1, Usman Iftikhar1


1Department of Environmental Sciences, GC University, Faisalabad, Pakistan. 2Department of Physics, Agriculture University, Faisalabad, Pakistan.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: shafaqataligill @


Noise pollution has become widespread due to increasing number of vehicles, Industries and urbanization. A survey was conducted to assess the noise levels in various areas of Faisalabad, at day and night time. The selected spots were divided into 5 categories distinguished by EPA Pakistan like, Commercial area, Residential area, Industrial area, Silence Zones and noise level on busy roads. The selected areas were visited randomly and the noise levels were noted and their mean values were found to get a single value in day and as well as in night. Similarly, 5 readings from single site ware measured and recorded. For the estimation of these noise levels the Sound level meter was used. After obtaining all readings, the data were subjected to appropriate statistical analysis. During industrial noise levels comparison, maximum noise level for day and night was recorded in Farooq Spinning and least level was recorded in Kalash Textile and fell within the NEQs limit (Day time 75 dB(A), Night 65 dB(A)). Commercial area comparison showed maximum noise level for day was noted at Clock Tower and for night was observed and at Koh-e-nor that fell within the NEQs (Day time 65 dB(A), Night 55 dB(A), while the minimum noise level for day and night was noted at Digluspura and Clock Tower respectively. Noise levels comparison at congested roads suggested that the maximum noise pollution was noted at Sargodha road while the minimum noise pollution was found for day and night at Khurrlianwala Road (Day, Night 85dB(A). The assessment of different silence zones showed that the maximum noise level for day and night was recorded at Allied Hospital which was beyond the NEQs level, while on other hand the minimum noise level for day night was estimated in AUF that fell within NEQs (Day time, 50 dB(A), Night time 45 dB(A). Comparison of various residential areas where the maximum noise level for day and night was noted in Faizabad which was exceeding the NEQs level, minimum noise level for day was noted in Liaqat town and for night was noted in Peoples Colony #2 which fell within NEQs (Day time 55 dB(A), Night Time 45 dB(A). It was concluded that noise pollution was higher at day time while it was minimum at night time but even those minimum levels were not complied with NEQs.

Keywords: Noise, Industrial area, Commercial area, NEQs, Pollution.

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