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Chanceline et al

Greener Journal of  Environment Management and Public Safety Vol. 3 (2), pp. 035-042, July 2014.  

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 022714129

Conservation Strategy of Kahuzi-Biega National Park (KBNP) by the use of Biogas among the Surrounding Population


Chanceline Bahati Mutalemba1*, 

 Etienne Mugaruka Mashimango2

Godefroid Kubisibwa Mulengera1 and

Soleil Habamungu Shalukoma3


1Researcher in Natural Sciences Research Center (CRSN-Lwiro in DRCongo), Environment Department.

2Assistant in CEPROMAD University (Bukavu DRCongo).

3Researcher in Natural Sciences Research Center (CRSN-Lwiro in DRCongo), Biology Department.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: bahatimutalemba @ yahoo .fr; mugarukae @


This article studied the Kahuzi-Biega National park conservation strategy, by using Biogas technics among the neighboring population. The global objective was to predict villages possibility to be involved in the conservation of the KBNP by using biogas technics. We used data from 100 households in two surrounding villages of the park to produce theorical propositions. We used the analytic method as well as the observation technic. The conservation practices engaged few households as the results showed. The consumption of each household is 10kg of wood and charcoal per day; this brought that consumption to 3.36 tons per year for one household. 6.5% of household accepted to plant trees in their fields among other cultures and 93.5% were against. The people used manure and the fertilizer coming from the digester in their fields; it contributed to grow up the cattle farming and fought against poaching. Therefore, one installed digester of 4m3 for a household saved 20kg of embers and wood per day, and more than 20.3tons by installing 1.000 digesters. Once this technology was used, the intensity of Kahuzi-Biega Park destruction reduced appreciably.

Keywords: Conservation, Strategy, Kahuzi-Biega, Biogas.