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Aguoru and Alu

Greener Journal of  Environmental Management and Public Safety Vol. 4 (2), pp. 019-027, June 2015.  

ISSN: 2354-2276 

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 040915050



Studies on Solid Waste Disposal and Management Methods in Makurdi and its Environs North Central Nigeria


Aguoru C.U.* and Alu C.A.


Department of Biological Sciences, University of Agriculture, PMB 2373 Makurdi,  Nigeria.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: celeaguoru@ yahoo. com



Studies were carried out on the waste disposal and management methods in Makurdi metropolis and its environs in North Central Nigeria. Face to face structured interviews, visitations, observations and review of secondary data were applied in the study. The entire capital city and its environs were divided into seven units for ease of accessibility and data gathering. The result revealed that people living within Makurdi Metropolis (North Bank, Wurukum, Highlevel, Wadata, and Modern Market) possessed waste containers for collection of waste generated in their homes/shops but the methods of disposal were questionable. The waste was either littered on streets, gutters, undeveloped plots, or dumped into rivers and streams by people living close to streams and River Benue who use them as dumpsites. There is also the practice of dumping the waste at the government agency collection points without any form of sorting.  Whereas people living around Makurdi Environs (Apir and Airforce Base Area) mostly adopted pit burning technique where waste is swept into and burned. The knowledge of people living within Makurdi and its environs of integrated solid waste management (sorting of waste, reducing, reusing and recycling) is very low. The services rendered by waste managers; BENSESA and some accredited Private Waste Managers were unsatisfactory as a result of poor service coverage and improper management methods adopted. The waste handlers only engage in relocation of wastes. This, they attributed to inadequate machinery and staff. Practically there is no engineered landfill available for solid waste management in Makurdi and its environs. The implications of these findings to environmental health are enormous and is strongly advocated that necessary organs/public institutions responsible should make deliberate and consistent efforts to address these anomalies.


Keywords: Solid waste, Management, BENSESA, Private Waste Managers, Landfill, Dumpsites.

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