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Fasote et al

Greener Journal of  Environmental Management and Public Safety Vol. 5 (2), pp. 033-040, April 2016.  

ISSN: 2354-2276

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 021016035



Production of Street Guide of Ijero Ekiti Using

Remote Sensing and GIS Technology


1Fasote O, 1Kolawole I, 1Adewoyin JE, 2Mohammed SO,

1Alaga TA, 2Halilu SA, 1Muibi KH


1Cooperative Information Network, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife Nigeria 

2 National Space Research and Development Agency, Abuja, Nigeria.


The use of remote sensing data and geographic information system technique especially with high spatial resolution satellite imagery has great capabilities for mapping and map revision. These techniques have been used in various times and at different stages to study characteristics of Earth features, monitor natural and physical phenomena and also produce street maps of different places.

The aim of this study is to demonstrate how street guide maps can be produced from remotely sensed data using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques. Google Earth image of 2014 with resolution of 0.6m and GPS points were the major source of data used to update and produce the Street Map of Ijero Ekiti, a town in western Nigeria.

The methodology adopted for the research is an integrated and conceptualized approach consisting of digital image processing and cartographic procedures. Data capture was by scanning and digitizing of google earth image while field work was carried out for the purpose of groundtruthing, annotation and for collection of coordinates of selected control points. The acquired data was processed using Arc GIS 10.3. During groundtruthing, identified street names were collated and placed on the map with additional information obtained from the existing street guide and also from people of the community. On close interpretation of the imageries, it was discovered that streets in Ijero- Ekiti have increased in number and many of those streets have not been registered. 


Keywords: Remote Sensing, Street Guide, Digitizing, Groundtruthing.

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