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Seiyaboh et al

Greener Journal of  Environmental Management and Public Safety Vol. 5 (5), pp. 104-109, December 2016.  

ISSN: 2354-2276

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Manuscript Number: 122116219



Spatial and Seasonal Variation in Physico-chemical Quality of Ikoli Creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria


1*Seiyaboh EI, 2Alagha WE and 1Gijo AH


1Department of Biological Science, Faculty of Science, Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria

2 School of Applied Sciences, Federal Polytechnic of Oil & Gas Ekowe, Bayelsa State, Nigeria


This study assessed the Spatial and seasonal variation in Physico-chemical quality of Ikoli creek, Niger Delta, Nigeria. Triplicate samples were obtained from 5 locations for a two seasons viz; March and June, 2014. The water samples were analyzed following standard methods.  Mean seasonality results for dry and wet were 27.47 and 27.33 oC (temperature), 6.78 and 7.102 (pH),  27.766 and 42.738 μS/cm (conductivity), 45.492 and 29.354 NTU (turbidity), 7.298 and 23.868 mg/l (total dissolved solid), 24.45 and 10.712mg/l (biological oxygen demand), 5.734 and 7.558 (dissolved oxygen),  0.066 and 0.072 mg/l (nitrite), 0.114 and 0.112 mg/l (nitrate), 3.14 and 3.088 mg/l (chloride), 4.354 and 4.336 mg/l (sulphate),  2.234 and 2.634 mg/l (calcium), 1.888 and 2.576 mg/l (potassium), 3.638 and 4.066 mg/l (sodium) and 1.348 and 1.732 mg/l (magnesium) respectively. There was significance difference (P<0.05) in most parameters for spatial distribution as well as seasonality. The study showed that season affect physico-chemical quality of Ikoli creek. Anthropogenic activities in the creek could affect the physico-chemical quality of water. This could be the reason while there was variation based on spatial distribution


Keywords: Bayelsa state, Ikoli Creek, Water quality

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