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Greener Journal of  Environmental Management and Public Safety Vol. 6 (2), pp. 006-017, June 2017.  

ISSN: 2354-2276

Research Article

Manuscript Number: 103116193



Global Warming Impact on Hunger and Sustainable Development in Sub-Saharan Africa:

A Case Study of Nigeria


Dare E. Alaba


Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Kogi State University, Nigeria.


This research paper investigates the impact of global warming on hunger and sustainable city in Sub-Saharan Africa. Secondary Data was obtained for the study at the Center for Atmospheric Research, National Space Research and development Agency, Kogi State University, Campus, Anyigba. Descriptive statistics were employed to analyze the data. The analyzed data revealed that mean monthly Air temperature for April 2016 increased to 1.11oC warmer, surpassing the previous record set between 1951 – 1980 many staple crops could not adapt quickly to the changing weather leading to reduction in crop yield. The sub-region is shifting toward aridity which affect the rain-fed subsistence agriculture practice in the region; coastal areas are experiencing flooding as farm land are submerge in flood. The effect of the above is manifested in hunger – severe food insecurity. The Author advocates the following irrigation farming for all year farming, River Basing Development should be fully utilize genetically modify crops that are draught resistance should be develop and alternate clean energy source.


Keywords: Global Warming, Food Insecurity, Hunger, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sustainable Development.

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