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Greener Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health, Vol. 5 (1), pp. 001-005, February 2017.

 ISSN: 2354-2381 © 2017 Authors

Research Article

Manuscript Number: 011317004



Prevalence of TB and HIV among Patients Attending General Hospital Zambuk


1Mike Igwe, *2Lynn Maori, 3Vivian Agbor Okemena, 4Bala Zakari, 5Lami Tomtsu, 6Abdullateef Jimoh and 7Vicky Ishaya


1College of Health Technology Kaltungo, Gombe, Gombe State. lafiayalab@ yahoo. com, 08029536728

2Infectious Diseases Hospital Zambuk, Gombe, Gombe State. Lynnmaori09@ gmail. com, 07061813221

3Clina lancet Laboratories Limited, Victoria Island Lagos. Vivianagbor02@ gmail. com, 08034989715

4Gombe State Specialist Hospital, Gombe State. Zakari1@ gmail. com, 08068927720

5Gombe State Specialist Hospital, Gombe State., 08065401376

6World Health Organization, FCT, Abuja. abdullateef_jimoh@ yahoo. com, 08034241734

7General Hospital Kaura, Kaduna State. vickyishaya@ yahoo. com, 07035073465


Five hundred and twenty two patients attended the TB unit of General Hospital Zambuk in Gombe State within 3 months during the period under review. Of this number, 10 patients representing 1.9% of the patients had both TB positive and HIV positive (reactive). 90 patients were TB positive without HIV, representing 17.2% of all the patients. 60 of the patients were female (about 66.7%), while 30% of the patients were male (about 33.3%). Of the 10 patients with both TB and HIV, 3 are on retroviral treatment representing 30% of the patients, 73 patients are reactive and TB negative representing 13.98% of the patients. The age range of the patients, both male and female is 25 – 52. Eight (8) of the patients, representing 80% were for diagnosis (they had two sputum smear examined), while 20% representing 2 of the patients with both HIV and TB were for follow up. Out of the 73 TB freebut HIV reactive patients, 38 representing 52.1% were male, while 47.9 representing 35 of the patients were female. Most of the patients reside outside Zambuk, they come from near by villages of Difa (about 7 km) to as far as Gwani east and Kuri (about 45 km and 40 km respectively) and mid way places such as  Boltongo, Kwadom and Gombe town, the state capital to access laboratory diagnosis and treatment.


Key: Tuberculosis, HIV, Sputum, Retroviral treatment.

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