Greener Journal of Epidemiology and Public Health

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Table of Contents: January 2018; Vol. 6(1)



DN Enyiukwu, CC Ononuju and JO Maranzu

A Plant Pathogenic Fungi ─ Novel Agents of Human Diseases: Implications for public Health

[Abstract]  pp. 001-019

Pedro Macbani Olvera, Juan Alberto Moctezuma Alviter, 

Dariana Lyly Hernández Fernández, Martínez Javier, Leyva Santillán Emmnuel, 

Patricia Vázquez Alvarado, Mariela Lizbeth Cobián Diaz, 

Jesús Carlos Ruvalcaba Ledezma

Analysis of indexes CPO-D and IHOS in patients with Diabetes Mellitus of Tulancingo Hidalgo, Mexico

[Abstract]  pp. 020-028

Umar AI, Umar RA, Wasagu RSU and Oche MO

Effect of Inadequate Iodine Status on Academic Performance of Secondary School Girls in Sokoto State, Nigeria

[Abstract]  pp. 029-033

Enyiukwu DN, Ononuju CC and Maranzu JO

Mycotoxins in Foods and Indoor Air: Their Attendant Diseases and Modes of Injury on Biological and Human Systems

[Abstract]  pp. 034-051