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Greener Journal of  Educational Research Vol. 2 (1), pp. 001-006, January 2012

 ISSN: 2276-7789 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: GJER1206


Metacogniton test for Iranian students


Davood Manavipour


Department of psychology, Garmsar-Branch, Islamic Azad University, Garmsar, Iran.


Email: Manavipor53 @


Many studies have shown that metacognitive skills affect students’ learning results. Researchers argue that metacognitive skills cannot be effectively applied in absence of accurate knowledge monitoring. Consequently, they constructed a knowledge monitoring assessment test, which is claimed to be a valid test to measure students' knowledge monitoring capacity. The participants were 371 grade students in Islamic Azad University Garmsar Branch. in this research method is psychometric research. In this contribution the reliability of a metacognitive test is studied. Cronbachs coefficient Alpha was calculated 0.89, Total Variance Explained was 66.52, and the results indicate that reliability and validity of this questionnaire. It can be used to measure Metacognition.
Keywords: Metacognition; Validity; Iranian student; Reliability. 

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