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June 2013 Vol. 3(4)

Table of Contents: June 2013; Vol. 3(4)

Research Article


Mika Nyoni, Hedwick Chinyani and Tsitsi Nyoni
Bridging Courses: The Doctor’s Prescription for Dwindling Student Teacher Enrolments at Teacher Education Colleges in Zimbabwe?    

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 168-174


Huai-En Mo and Yu-Fen Chen        

 An e-Mentoring System for Practice Teachers in Vocational High Schools of Taiwan

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 175-183


Rev. Jerry E. Omenka & Kurumeh M.S.             

Gender and Location as Correlates of Achievement in Number and Numeration Using Ethno Mathematics Approach in the Junior Secondary Schools in Benue State

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 184-190


Tunjera Nyarai, Mukabeta Tarirayi, Zivanai Joyce

Increasing Interaction by Integrating Short Messaging Services (Smss) into the Virtual Open and Distant Learning (VODL) Teacher Education Programme: A Case of Bindura University in Zimbabwe

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 191-199


L. Chaminuka, Dr. T.M. Kaputa

Using Mobile Phones as a Complementary Tool for Counseling Practicum Supervision in ODL: The Zimbabwe Open University- Harare/ Chitungwiza Region

[Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 200-205



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