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Greener Journal of  Educational Research Vol. 3 (7), pp. 310-317, September 2013

 ISSN: 2276-7789 

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Manuscript Number: 031813530


Pre-Service Student Teacher Practices in the Teaching of English as a Second Language: Experiences, Opportunities and Challenges


Cathrine Ngwaru


Lecturer Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe.


Email: cngwaru @,

Phone: +263 39 264121, Mobile: +263 777613547


Teaching Practice (TP) was an integral component of teacher preparation that served as an important link between theory and practice and that entailed the inculcation of professional practice and conduct. However, research studies about teaching practice highlighted that pre-service teachers on TP faced a wide range of challenges that militated against effective pedagogy. The use of a foreign language as the language of Education usually one of the major challenges encountered by both teachers and learners. Student teachers who are users of English as a Second Language (ESL) and who are tasked with the responsibility of teaching English to second language learners therefore faced a double barrelled challenge of the low proficiency level and the limited proficiency of the learners. This study used the qualitative research design, utilizing document analysis and focus group discussions to investigate the practices of; and challenges encountered by B. Ed. pre-service teachers in teaching ESL during Teaching Practice. The study intended to establish the extent to which pre-service teachers employed their pedagogic, content knowledge and competences to effectively manage classroom pedagogy. The study argued that, during college based tuition; student teachers received, internalised and mastered some measure of teacher knowledge and competences which should enable them to teach effectively. The study further purported that; reflections and articulations from pre-service teachers’ experiences and critiques from their supervisors, provided enough feedback to reveal student-teacher strengths or weaknesses and to provide solutions for programme improvement. The results of the study led to the conclusion that there were several challenges faced in teaching English during TP and that some of the challenges could be mitigated by the adoption of critical pedagogies.
Keywords: Pre-service teacher, Teacher preparation, Supervisors, Pedagogy.

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