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Majoni and Chikasha

Greener Journal of Education and Training Studies Vol. 2 (1), pp. 012-019, March 2014.

  ISSN: 2354-225X © 2013 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 012914084


Factors Affecting Teaching Practice Assessment in Teachers’ Colleges in Zimbabwe and their Implications on Professional Development of Student Teachers


*1Cuthbert Majoni2Jennifer Chikasha


1Zimbabwe Open University, Mashonaland Central Region P. Bag 984, Bindura, Zimbabwe.

2Zimbabwe Open University, National Centre P. O.Box 1119, Harare, Zimbabwe.


2Email: jchikasha @ gmail. com, 263+04903008/ 0772423683


*Corresponding Author’s Email: cmajoni @ gmail. com,

Tel: 263+71+ 7161/7484/7107, Cell: 0772678966


The study sought to find out factors affecting teaching practice assessment by lecturers at Morgan Teachers’ College. The study also sought to find out the impact of assessment on the professional development of student teachers. The case study design was employed and the questionnaire was used to collect data. A sample of forty- three (43) lecturers out of a population of 90 lecturers participated in this research. The lecturers who participated in this study were preferred because they were involved in the assessment of teaching during teaching practice but did not have experience of teaching in primary school. The SPSS programme was used to analyse the data and produce the frequencies. The study found out that assessments of teaching practice by lecturers were not reliable. Lecturers preferred to assess trainee teachers teach in a subject area in which they had solid content knowledge. The conclusion is that student teachers do not get adequate professional preparation and grounding teaching practice when assessed by lecturers who were non-specialists. The study recommends that college lecturers should be oriented in assessing teaching practice upon appointment. Lecturers should assess students teaching a subject area in which they are knowledgeable in to avoid subjective assessment of teaching practice. 

Keywords: Assessment, Teaching Practice, Professional Development.

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