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Greener Journal of Language and Literature Research Vol. 1 (1), pp. 001-008, September 2013.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: EB08291302


Self Revelation in Samuel Beckett's Chaos-Stricken Theatre


Saeid Rahimipour


Farhangian University, Shahid Moddarres Ilam Paradise, PhD Lecturer.


Email: sdrahimipour @


To see "I" at the center of the universe is a modern sensation and feeling. Dramatic literature has tried to capture this sensation, in a part, through hinging on chaos theory, better known as hidden-order or dynamical systems theory which is a new way to think about order that can illuminate fragmentation and nonlinearity in literature and other fields. It has been revealed that systems behave in secular manner in which chaos results in discipline and vice verse. It provides us with the tools for solving complicated problems in the chaos and alteration-stricken environment of today or the future. This research shows how the application of this theory and its characteristics to Samuel Beckett's idiosyncratic theater correlates well with the manifestation of the self, the great postmodern existential obsession, Beckett has been aspirant of in his oeuvre. 

Keywords: Chaos theory; Theatre; self.

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