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Excellence and Timeliness

Rahimipour and Kheirisatar

Greener Journal of Language and Literature Research Vol. 2 (1), pp. 009-013, September 2014.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 061614272



The Search for Immortality in the Exit the King


Saeid Rahimipour*1, Lida Kheirisatar2


1Associate Professor, Farhangian University, Ilam Moddares Campus.

2Edu Org. Instructor, MA.


Email: 2Kheirisatar3739 @yahoo .com

*Corresponding Author’s Email: sdrahimipour @yahoo .com


Literature has always been one of the most influential ways of revealing the existential problems of man at any era. Dramatic art has been promising more in this realm. This paper deals with the dramatic work of Ionesco Exit the King to reveal how the playwright has tried to manifest one of the difficulties of man in understanding and facing the very reality of his life that is death and his futile search for immortality as a soothing yearning from the fear of death. The playwright’s techniques on this line in the article would be introduced and analyzed.

Keywords: Drama; immortality; Exit the King.


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