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Greener Journal of Life Sciences Vol. 4 (1), pp. 001-005, February 2017.

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Manuscript Number: 020817019



Condition Factor, Organosomatic Indices and behavioural Abnormalities of Clarias gariepinus exposed to Lambda Cyhalothrin


*Inyang I.R., Seiyaboh E.I. and Job U.B.


Environmental Toxicology Unit, Department of Biological Sciences Niger Delta University, Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria


The aim of this study was to unveil the effect of Lambda Cyhalothrin on condition factor, organosomatic indices and behavioural abnormalities of Clarias gaiepinus (a common Niger Delta Wetland fish). Twenty eight (28) adult Clarias gariepinus (mean length 16.50±0.12cm and mean weight 42.2±0.10g) were acclimatized to laboratory condition for 7 days and then exposed to varying sublethal concentration of Lambda Cyhalothrin (o.012, 0.024, and 0.036mgl-1) in a semi static bioassays for 14 days. Fish were measured and weighed prior and at the experiment. Additionally, keen observation of fish behaviour before and after exposure to the toxicant was also done on daily basis. The final condition of the fishes dropped drastically at increased toxicant concentration (in a dose dependent pattern). Organosomatic indices of the liver (Hepasomatic index {HIS}), kidney (Renasomatic index {RSI}) and spleen (Spleenosomatic index {SSI}) values showed significant variation (p<0.05). HIS values increases in a dose dependent pattern while SSI decreases in a dose dependent pattern. RSI values showed no significant variation (P>0.05) except at 0.012mgl-1. The results clearly unveiled the effect of Lambda Cyhalothrin on Clarias gariepinus. These parameters could serve as biomarkers for effect of this toxicant on aquatic organisms. The use of this toxicant in the environment should be done with caution.


Keywords: Clarias gariepinus, Lambda Cyhalothrin, Organosomatic indices, bioassay, condition factor.

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