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Impact Calculation

Greener Journal of  Business and Management Studies  Vol. 3 (5), pp. 241-250, July 2013

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 121912332


A Critical Evaluation of the Challengesand Opportunities of Shipping Line Services in Nigeria


Obed B.C. Ndikom


Department of Maritime Management Technology, Federal University of Technology, Owerri,

Imo State.


Email: bonmilnigerialimited @ yahoo. com


This paper reviews the nature, characteristics, trends, and problems associated with shipping line services as regards movement of cargos from one port of origin to other port of destination. Over the years, these critical services have never been encouraging due to some inherent problems associated with ship owners, shipping company, consignees, consignors and the freight forwarders as it relates to cost of freight, which is not in the interest of the importers. The paper also analyses the critical challenges and opportunities of the shipping lines in terms of freight costs and movement. There is need therefore for the study to look also on the problems/ challenges and opportunities of shipping line services in Nigeria which came as a result of the slow rate of growth of the Maritime industry in Nigeria and the need to critically analyse the situation. The maritime industry being one of the world’s most international industries is the bedrock of development. Primary and secondary data were used in the work. Interviews were also conducted which where necessary and questionnaires were administered to the respondents. The questionnaires were distributed among the staffs of Maersk Nigeria limited and Ideke Shipping limited. 89 out of the 100 distributed were returned. In analysing the data, comparisons were made by the use of percentages and ratios. Chi-square test of independence was used to determine if there is any significant relationship between the activities of pirates and the profitability of shipping lines. It was then discovered that there is a significant relationship between government policies and shipping operations, between the activities of pirates and the profitability of shipping lines and that adequate cargo handling machines leads to faster turn-round time of vessels.

Keywords: Shipping lines, shipping company, shippers, cargo, opportunities and challenges, Ports and Maritime industry.

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