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Impact Calculation

Ibrahim et al

Greener Journal of  Medical Sciences Vol. 2 (6), pp. 173-178, December 2012

 ISSN: 2276-7797 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 111512267


The Safety of Induction of Labour in the Niger Delta Region

Ibrahim Isa Ayuba, Obilahi-Abhulimen and Ekine A.A.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, College of Health Sciences, Niger Delta University, Amassoma, Bayelsa State Nigeria.

Corresponding Author’s E-Mail: Isa.Ibrahim680 @


The overall goal of obstetric practice is to deliver a healthy baby to a healthy mother. Attaining this goal sometimes may require the ultimate weapon at the disposal of the obstetrician, which is intervention. Intervention becomes necessary when on critical assessment of the obstetric balance, the risk of continuing the pregnancy far outweighs the risk of interrupting it. The intervention at the disposal of the obstetrician is either of induction of labour or Caesarean section.
This study aims to determine the incidence, indications and the maternal and neonatal outcome of induction of labour at the Niger Delta University teaching Hospital, okolobiri, Bayelsa State, Nigeria. This is a cross-sectional, prospective study conducted between 1st January 2010 to 31st December 2011.The incidence of induction of labour in this study was 6.5% and the three commonest indications were; prolonged pregnancy 31 (51.7%), followed by prelabour rupture of foetal membranes 19 (31.7%) and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy 10 (10.0 %). Most of the patients had induction of labour with vaginal misoprostol 33(55.0%). Majority of the women had spontaneous vaginal delivery 51 (85.0%), while 9 (15.0%) had emergency Caesarean section. The commonest indication for the Caesarean section is cephalopelvic disproportion 5(8.3%). The most common complication seen in the mothers is hyper stimulation 4 (6.7%), while 7 (11.7%) of the babies were admitted into the special care baby unit (SCBU). 

Key words: Induction, labour, outcome, Niger Delta, Nigeria.

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