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Impact Calculation

Vol. 3 (4) May 2013

Table of Contents: May 2013; Vol. 3(4)

Research Articles


               Chakir Youssef, EL Khasmi Mohammed, Farh Mohamed, Bargaâ Rita,

               Riad Fouad, Safwate Abdallah, Tahri El Hassan, El Abbadi Najia,

               Abouhafs Rachid, Faye Bernard

               Effects of Vitamin E and Vitamin C on Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Hemolysis

               in Moroccan Dromedary Camels (Camelus Dromedarius

               [Abstract]    [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 111-120


               Garba A., Maurice N.A., Maina V.A., Baraya Y.S., Owada A.H.,

               Sa‘Adatu I., Gugong V.T., Sada A, Agang I. and Hambolu S.E.             

               Effect of Leptadenia Hastata Leaf Extract on Embyo-Foetal Development in          

               White Albino Rats 

               [Abstract]    [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 121-128


               Augustin K. Amonkan, Mamadou Kamagaté, Alain N.R. Yao, André B.

               Konan, Mathieu N. Kouamé, Camille Koffi, Séraphin Kati-Coulibaly,

               Henri Die-Kakou
               Comparative Effects of Two Fractions of Phyllanthus amarus (Euphorbiaceae)      

               on the Blood Pressure in Rabbit  

               [Abstract]    [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 129-134


               Nagwa A. Zein El Dein, Gehan A. Abed
               Correlation between Maternal Mental Illness and Infant Abnormal Behavior  

               [Abstract]    [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 135-151


               Anoud Aljuwaihel, Alaa Al-Jarallah, Haneen Al-Busairi and

               Medhat K. El-Shazly
               Awareness of HPV and Cervical Cancer Vaccine among PHC Physicians in


               [Abstract]    [Full Article - PDF]   pp. 152-159