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Impact Calculation

Nermin and Latifa

Greener Journal of  Medical Sciences Vol. 3 (5), pp. 179-189, July 2013.

 ISSN: 2276-7797 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 061013659


Proposed Developed Standards: Staff Nurses Compliance at Dialysis Unit


*Nermin M. Eid and Latifa T. Abd el–Aziz


Department of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, Menoufiya University. Department of Nursing Administration, Faculty of Nursing, Benha University.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: Karim_nermin @ yahoo. com,

Fax no. 048/2239880, Phone no. 048/2226169


Background: Standards of practice provide a guide to the knowledge, skills, judgment and attitudes that are needed to practice safely moreover standard is a means of governing the practice of nurses at all levels of practice. This study aimed to: determine the compliance of nurses at dialysis unit with proposed developed performance standards. Design: Observational cross-sectional study was utilized to conduct this study. Subject: This study included all staff nurses working in dialysis unit. Setting: It was conducted at Dialysis Unit at Benha University Hospital. Tools: Two different tools were utilized, structured interviewing questionnaire and observational check list for nurses' performance according to the developed standards. Results: Showed that most of studied staff nurses agreed about all proposed (structure and process) standards (policy and objective standards, organizational chart, job description, human resources, documentation, safe handling of medications, infection control, nursing station, training, environmental factors, patient care and patient right standards), they have moderate level of performance according to the proposed standards. There was negative insignificant correlation between nurses’ performance and their age, experience and experience in work place. Conclusion: The present study combines to conclude that the proposed developed standards are acceptable to be used in dialysis unit at Benha University Hospital. Recommendations: The developed standards should be applied and communicated to all staff nurses of the Dialysis Unit at Benha University Hospital through workshops, booklets and pursuers.

Keywords: Nursing standards, Dialysis Unit and nurse performance

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