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EditorsOther Editorial Board members (Reviewers, Proofreaders, and Language Translators)

Dr. Ertan Ates

University of Namik Kemal

Agricultural Faculty

Department of Field Crops



Dr. Rusu Teodor

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Dr. Mehi Lal (Scientist)

Central Potato Research Institute,

Campus Modipuram Meerut (UP)


Dr. Mihaela Lungu

National Research and Development Institute for Soil Science, Agrichemistry, and Environment - RISSA Bucharest, Romania


Dr.  Tesfaye Walle Mekonnen

Wolkite University, Ethiopia


Dr.  Dawoud Hussien Soliaman

Agriculture Research Corporation,

Shambat Research Station,

Khartoum North, Sudan


Dr.  Nafeesa Ahmed

Agricultural Research Corporation,

Wad Medani Sudan


Dr. Dragan Žnidarčič

University of Ljubljana,

Biotechnical faculty,

Jamnikarjeva 101,

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia


Dr. Saad Farouk Mohamed Hussien

Agricultural Botany Department,

Faculty of Agriculture,

Mansoura University, Egypt

Dr. Marketta Saastamoinen,

Satafood Development Association,

Boreal Plant Breeding and MTT Agrifood Research,



Dr. Mohammad Reza Naroui Rad

Assistant Prof.

Agriculture and Natural Resources Research Center of Sistan, Iran


Dr. Valeria Nagy

University of Szeged, 

Faculty of Engineering


Compilation of names is in progress.


Anyone interested in serving as a member of the editorial team, can send us his/her resume by filling our Editorial Partnership Form online