Greener Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science

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Table of Contents: September 2013; Vol. 1(1)

Research Articles


U. Mazarura

Effect of Pethoxamid (TKC-94) Rate and Application Time on Weed Control and Phytotoxicity in Flue-cured Tobacco

[Abstract]   pp. 001-007


U. Mazarura             

Effect of Time and Rate of Application of Bateleur Gold (S-Metolachlor + Flumetsulam) on Phytotoxicity and Weed Control Efficacy in Flue-cured


[Abstract]   pp. 008-015


Yasir A. Gamar, Dan Kiambi, Mercy Kairichi, Martina Kyallo and

Mohamed H. Elgada             

Assessment of Genetic Diversity and Structure of Sudanese Sorghum Accessions using Simple Sequence Repeat (SSRs) Markers

[Abstract]   pp. 016-024