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Greener Journal of Plant Breeding and Crop Science Vol. 2 (2), pp. 027-033, March 2014.

  ISSN: 2354-2292 © 2013 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 102313922



Morphological Characterization of Two Species of Piper, Piper umbellatum andPiper capense in Tepi, Ethiopia


Habetewold Kifelew Abebe


Tepi National Spice Research Center, P.O.BOX 34 SNNP, Tepi, Ethiopia.


Email: kifelew @ yahoo. com, Mobile phone: +251913312650


This study examined the intra and inter-specific relationships between the two species, using five accessions of Piper umbellatum and eight of Piper capense.  13 quantitative characters (seven vegetative and six reproductive) and 16 qualitative characters were pooled for the analysis. These two species were found to differ in steam colour,hairiness (pubescence) and branching habit. Leaf blades were found broadly ovate in p. capense but sub orbicular-ovate in p. umbellatum, leaf base cordet in p. capense but deeply cordet in p. umbellatum, Leaf vain 7-9 veined from base, hairy at least on veins below in p capense but 9-11 veined from base with 2 additional major veins arising just above base in p. umbellatum,. Stipules 1.5-2cmL in p. capense but 2-2.5cmL in p. umbellatum, Spike solitary in p. capense but inflorescence an apparently auxiliary pedunculate umbel of up to 5 spikes in p. umbellatum,. Flowering period was longer inp. capense (>15 days) than in p. umbellatum (maximum of 9 days).  Taller   plant were recorded for p. capense 2.7m(L), shorter plant height were recorded for p. umbellatum,1m(L), Greater intra-specific variation was observed in p. capense (five clusters) than in p. umbellatum, (three clusters) the species showed closer inter-specific relation ship at higher Euclidean distance. 

Keywords: clustering, morphology, piper capensepiper umbellatum, south western Ethiopia, Variability.

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