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Greener Journal of Psychology and Counselling Vol. 1 (1), pp. 001-007, August 2014


Review Paper

Manuscript Number: 1218131041


Reviewing the Skeletons of the Politics of Science; A Continuing Debate on Homosexuality as a Depathologised Diagnosis


Chimunhu Jephias


Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Psychology, Great Zimbabwe University, P. BAG 1235, Masvingo, Zimbabwe.


Email: chipersoni @gmail .com, Phone:  00263773551956


This paper is an attempt to re- explore and objectively revisit APA’s decision to remove homosexuality from the diagnostic statistical manual of mental disorders and the ramifications of the decision over the years.. It asserts that many life events are being manipulated by belief systems. The influence of cultures is overarching, affecting people in more ways than they realize, especially in the patterns of their everyday lives. When there are too many of these unthinking habits affecting actions, there is an ensuing discrepancy between thought and action. The argument is that the relationship between science and politics cause many communications about the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of mental disorders (DSM) to be mired in controversy. The DSM took science for granted and allowed the whims of politics to rule thereby creating an unending controversy where homosexuality serves as an affirmation of that which was and is being denied the chance of scientific scrutiny. This has been evidenced in the issue of the removal of homosexuality as a pathology, which has continued to create points of discussion in different settings and forums. It is argued that when one enters the realm of politics, objectivity loses its aura and science become far removed and contested. The historical struggle to remove homosexuality from the DSM informs its current sustenance as a contested diagnosis.

Keywords: Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Homosexuality, Paraphilias, Politics of science. 


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