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  Vol. 1 No. 1


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Greener Journal of Petroleum and Gas Exploration

Vol. 1 (1), pp. 007-019, September 2013.

  ISSN: 2354-2330 2013 Greener Journals  


Research Paper


Manuscript Number: 120112308


A Comparative Study of the Productivity Index of Horizontal Well


1Oaikhena E. Emmanuel and *2Oloro J.


Delta State University, Department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering, Oleh, Delta State, Nigeria.


1Email: Finil4torres @


*Corresponding Author’s Email: joloroeng @




This study looks into the comparison of the different productivity index model, in other to know that which will be suitable for high productivity and it also investigates the effect of reservoir and well parameters on the productivity index of horizontal well. It also analyses the effect of skin due to partial completion on productivity index using the three partial well completion configurations of Brons and Marting.
The results indicate that PI increases with increase well length for all the productivity index models, the Giger’s model will produce a higher productivity than the other models for the same well length variations. It also shows PI increased with increase in well length and anisotropy value, and that horizontal wells are better suited for thin beds. The result of the effect of completion method on skin shows that wells that are perforated at equal interval along the wellbore experienced a little or no skin effect thereby enhancing productivity.

Keywords: Comparative study, Productivity index, Horizontal well models, Horizontal well.





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