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Oloro and Ogbolu

Greener Journal of Petroleum and Gas Exploration

Vol. 1 (1), pp. 001-006, September 2013.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 112212282


Gas Lift Optimization: Using Least Square Method and Solver


*Oloro J. and Ogbolu E.


Petroleum and Gas Engineering Department, Delta State University.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: joloroeng @


In this study a model was developed using least square method. This model was tested for reliability and it was found to be reliable for prediction. We now use this model for optimization of oil production.The following reports was obtained after optimization.
Answer report: Oil produced original value was 3471,251,263.00STB/Day
and the final value was 1347,252, 519.25STB/Day.
Sensitivity Report: Allowable increase in liquid injected was 32.19893491bbl/day and Allowable decrease in liquid injected was 0.591566837bbl/day. Also allowable increase in water cut was 1E+30bbl and allowable decrease in water cut was 96.59680522bbl/day.
Limit Report: liquid injected lower limit -1.03228E-10bbl and target result was not available and. The water cut target was 0. 1347252519bbl.
It is evident that a real optimization model that can optimize oil production for different amount of liquid injected and water cut has been developed. Such a model can provide the oil industries in the Country important information about the sensitivity of the optimal solution.

Keywords: Model,optimization,Limits,Sensitivity,Production

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