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Abood et al

Greener Journal of Physics and Natural Sciences

Vol. 1 (1), pp. 001-018, November 2013.

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: EB24091314


Electromagnetic Transitions and Structures of even–even 7690Kr Isotopes within Interacting Boson Model


Saad Naji Abood1, Abdul Kader Saad1, and

Laith Ahmed Najim2*


1Physics Department, College of Science, AL-Nahrain University, Bagdad, IRAQ.

2Physics Department, College of Science, Mosul University, Mosul, IRAQ.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: dr_laithahmed @


The Interacting Boson Model is applied to the even isotopes. Excitation energies, electromagnetic transition strengths, quadrupole and magnetic dipole moments, and δ (E2/M1) multiple mixing ratios, monopole transitions and mixed symmetry states have been described systematically. It is seen that the properties of low-lying levels in these isotopes, for which the comparison between experiment and IBM-2 calculations is possible, can be satisfactorily characterized by the Interacting Boson Model-2 (IBM-2).


Keywords:  Interacting boson model, the electric transition  probability, multiple mixing ratios, mixed symmetry states. 

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