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Sharaf et al

Greener Journal of  Physical Sciences  Vol. 3 (4), pp. 131-141, May 2013.  

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 031913536


Statistical Magnitude Analysis and Distance Determination of the Nearby Stars


Mohamed Adel Sharaf1, Radwa Mohamed Amin1*, Said A. Mazen2 and Inas K. Elzawawy1


1Physics division, National research center, Cairo, Egypt.

2Magnetic Semiconductor Lab. Physics Dept. Faculty of Science, Zagazig University, Zagazig, Egypt.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: hassanselim @ yahoo. com


Goals of this paper are: to provide some basic descriptive statistical parameters for the apparent and absolute magnitudes of the nearby stars of spectral type G5V. Second, to establish the frequency functions and of the absolute and apparent magnitudes for these stars. Third, to compute the distance r of these stars as a system assuming that they scatter around a mean absolute magnitude in a Gaussian distribution. The accuracy of the numerical results is satisfactory.
 Keywords: Distance determinations, Spectral types, Frequency functions, Statistical magnitude analysis

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