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Elewa et al

Greener Journal of  Physical Sciences  Vol. 3 (6), pp. 212-228, October 2013.  

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Manuscript Number: EB08091312


Quantitative Study of Surface and Groundwater Systems in the Western Part of the River Nile, Minia Governorate, Upper Egypt: Water Quality in Relation to Anthropogenic Activities


Ashraf M. T. Elewa*1, Esam El Sayed1, Mohamed El Kashouty2 

and Mamdouh Morsi3


1Minia University, Faculty of Science, Geology Department.

2Cairo University, Faculty of Science, Geology Department.

3Environmental Department, Minia Governorate.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: ashraf.aleiwa @


Quantitative analyses of ninety-six groundwater samples and twenty-one surface samples from the western part of the River Nile of Minia Governorate, Upper Egypt, enabled to evaluate the water quality of the region in relation to anthropogenic activities such as industrial & agricultural activities, domestic & municipal wastewater and river navigation. The use of Cluster Analysis (CA), based on the correlation coefficient of similarity (the paired group average method), revealed the distinction of six groups of ground water samples, and three groups of surface water samples; each has its characteristic composition and geographic setting. Moreover, Principle Coordinate Analysis (PCOA), based on Gower’s coefficient of similarity, made it possible to distinguish the most important elements affecting the quality of water in the studied area.
Keywords: Egypt, River Nile, quantitative study of surface and groundwater systems.

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