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Rehman and Rehman

Greener Journal of  Physical Sciences  Vol. 4 (3), pp. 045-048, April 2014.  

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Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 032614166

Water Importance and Its Contamination through Domestic Sewage (Short Review)


*1Faisal Rehman, 2Faisal Rehman


1,2Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Earth Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.




*Corresponding Author’s Email:, Mobile no: 00966583281508


No one can imagine life without water, it is a most essential natural resource for the existence of life. Water shortage is becoming a global crisis due to increase in population growth and contamination of natural available resources. Only about 2.53% fresh water is available out of total water present on earth which is approximately 332.5 million cubic miles and rest of water is saline. Different types of contaminants pollute the fresh water resources as well as affect the health of humans. Millions of gallons polluted water discharged in water resources without any treatment that contaminate water resources like lakes, rivers, oceans and rivers.


Keywords: Water, sewage, pollution, contamination, saline, population.

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