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Impact Calculation

Seyedalinezhad and Ahmadi

Greener Journal of  Social Sciences Vol. 2 (3), pp. 097-101, August 2012

  ISSN: 2276-7800 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: GJSS1222


Prioritizing the Factors Involved in the Success of Iranian Sportswomen in International Championships Using AHP


*Azadeh Seyedalinezhad,  Sirous Ahmadi


Department of physical education, Hamadan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Hamadan, Iran


*Corresponding Author’s Email:  ara5459 @


Any attempt for winning more medals in international sporting contests, especially the Olympic Games, demands sufficient knowledge on factors involved in such success. Thanks to social, cultural, economic and political differences among world nations, however, it is somehow impossible to develop an all-inclusive model including all factors which may affect one’s success in the international sporting events. Attending to women’s sports, in this regard, is an important issue. This study has aimed at identifying and prioritizing factors most often involved in the success of Iranian sportswomen in international sporting contests. Subjects of the study included sporting champions, coaches, heads of sport federations and finally professors of physical education majoring in sports management. Data-gathering tools of the study were a questionnaire made by the researcher (0.79 of reliability), and the questionnaire of pair comparison. Analyzing the involved factors based on the results, we finally came up with eight major factors affecting the success of Iranian sportswomen in international championships. They were then divided into two general classes. Results from AHP showed that financial factors, competition and coaching had the greatest effects in the success of Iranian sportswomen.

Key Words: Women’s sports, success, AHP.

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