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Impact Calculation

Vol. 2 (5) November 2012

Research Articles


              TS Petrus

              Making Sense of Chaos: A Crime Anthropological Approach to

              Understanding Strike and Protest Violence in South Africa

              [Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 140 - 146


              Christiana V. Abonge

              Assessing the impact of women’s enterprises on household livelihoods

              and survival: Evidence from the North West Region of Cameroon

              [Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 147 - 159


              Florah K. Burudi and Moses W. Poipoi

              The Attitude towards Voluntary Counselling and Testing Among

           Residents of Kakamega Municipality, Kenya

              [Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 160 - 164


              Audi Oluoch, Ayodo T.M.O. and Simatwa Enos

              Using Eco-Friendly Technologies and Practices to Mitigate the Effects of

              Climate Change in Vihiga County, Kenya

              [Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 165 - 172


              Adeoye, Bolade,K., Olaore,Yetunde Aliu and Bosede,

              Adeoye, Ayodele. O.

              Family Size, Income and Marriage Types as Predictors of Healthy Living:

              A Case Study of Families in Ogun State

              [Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 173 - 178


              Toyin Cotties Adetiba

              Socio-Political and Economic Development under Threat: The                 

              Proliferation of Small Arms and Light Weapons in Nigeria

              [Abstract]   [Full Article - PDF]  pp. 179 - 189