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Impact Calculation

Adetiba and Rahim

Greener Journal of  Social Sciences Vol. 3 (3), pp. 133-144, March 2013

  ISSN: 2276-7800 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 012813412


Inclusive Governance in Ethnically Divided Nigeria since 1999: The Application of the Principle of Federal Character and Power Sharing System


Toyin Cotties Adetiba and Aminur Rahim*


Faculty of Management and Commerce, University of Fort Hare, Private Bag X1314, Alice 5700, South Africa.


Corresponding Author’s Email: toyinwunmi2000 @


The realism of how best to ensure the participation of every ethnic group in governance has been a very big political challenge to successive governments since returning to democratic governance in 1999. This is because the exclusion of groups from the political process has made socio-political and economic crises a regular feature of the country. This paper examines the adoption of inclusive governance in Nigeria (federal character and power sharing formula). These principles have helped to ensure the socio-political integration of the various ethnic groups in the country and as well serve as a balancing mechanism over conflicting socio-political demands of every ethnic group. 

Keywords: Exclusion, Inclusion, Development, Governance, Integration.

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