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Impact Calculation

Vol. 5(4) October 2015

Table of Content: October 2015; Vol. 5(3)

Research Articles


Ngonidzashe Mutanana and Douglas Gasva

Services Provided by the Victim Friendly Unit to Survivors of Rape in Hurungwe District, Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe

[Abstract] [Full Article - PDF] [Full Article - HTML] [Full Article - EPUB] [Post-review] pp. 082-088

Ngonidzashe Mutanana and Douglas Gasva

The Impact of Women Empowerment to Rural Women and the Community. A Case of Chundu Women Self-Help Project in Zimbabwe

[Abstract]  [Full Article - PDF]  [Full Article - HTML]  [Full Article - EPUB]  [Post-review] pp. 089-096