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Greener Journal of  Social Sciences Vol. 6 (4), pp. 075-079, November 2016

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Review Paper

Manuscript Number: 101916182



Coping Strategies of the Early Aku Settlers in Torkisong (Esu) to Danpullo Encroachment in the Late 1990s: A Historical and Sociological Overview


John Uka


Former research student, College of Health and Social Care, School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Lincoln, (UK)


The arrival and settlement of Aljaji Baba Amadou Danpullo at Ibe Wundele, in Esu, Mecnhum Division in 1987 precipitated further land sales which extended Danpullo’s parameters to Torkisong; one of the areas not included in the 1987 deal. This drew criticism from the early Aku settlers (simply called settlers within this study) and farmers of Torkisong because the operationalising strategy was undefined. A strengths perspective is adopted for this study which examines the settlers’ coping strategies in the conflicts. This historical overview is written from empirical observation and draws upon coping theories to make a case for the settlers’ coping prowess until 2004 when relocation appeared the best option.


Key Words: Settlers, encroachment, coping, Torkisong, Esu, Danpullo.

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