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Impact Calculation

Afegbua and Ezomo

Greener Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology Research Vol. 3 (2), pp. 026-033, February 2013.

ISSN: 2276-7835 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number:011613387


Estimating sources of noise to Network of Nigerian Seismic Stations


1*Kadiri Umar Afegbua and 2F.O. Ezomo


1*Earthquake Seismology Dept., Centre for Geodesy and Geodynamics, P.M.B. 11, Toro, Bauchi State, Nigeria.

2Department of Physics, Faculty of Physical Sciences, University of Benin Ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.


Corresponding Author’s Email: umakad @, Tel: +2348037122784.


Estimation of possible sources of noise to the (Kaduna, Toro, Nsukka, Ife, Awka) operational seismographic stations (Kaduna, Toro, Nsukka, Ife and Awka) in Nigeria, has been carried out using recommended distances by Wilmore (1979) and physical observations through field work. The results showed more contributions of anthropogenic noise, less ambient and instrumentation noise. Human activities around the five stations including vehicular traffic, contribute significant cultural noise to the stations. In addition, noise other sources like trees, streams, ocean, and storms and other forms of ambient noise especially in the southern part of Nigeria were observed. Instrumental malfunctioning in some stations like Toro; the geologic nature of the site like the Nsukka station as well as the siting procedures of some stations like the Kaduna where a 16 sec sensor is installed on the surface without vault are likely responsible for the observed high noise. Since no noise analysis was carried out before the siting of the stations, this paper was intended to identify sources of noise and recommend better practices for establishing future seismic stations in Nigeria and environ, for improved data quality. 

Keywords: NNNSS, noise and sources, Wilmore’s recommended distances, field observations.

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