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Impact Calculation

Hossienkhanlo et al

Greener Journal of Science, Engineering and Technology Research Vol. 3 (3), pp. 076-081, February 2013.

ISSN: 2276-7835 © 2011 Greener Journals

Research Paper

Manuscript Number: 012913417


Flood Zoning in Rural Watersheds by GIS and HEC-GEO-RAS
(Case study: North western Iran)

*Asgar Shahbazi Hossienkhanlo, Alireza Pilpayeh and

Majid Raoof


 Department of Civil Engineering, Ahar branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahar, Iran.


*Corresponding Author’s Email: As_shabazi @


Rivers are Consider as the most essential resources for preparing water to human beings and other living organisms and in some cases, this source may cause non recoverable damages. Prediction of river hydraulic characteristics in contrast to probable flooding for decreasing damages to urban area, in executing establishment, fields and other uses is very important. Allocating of flooding locations in cities is one of the basic data for controlling floods in a non structural manner. In this research determination of flooding locations of some part of urban Hir water shed (Hir Chai river) is done. Mathematical model which is used in this research is named HEC-RAS which has high potentiality in simulating river hydraulic regime, evaluating steady and unsteady floods, calculation of water level profile and finding relation with Geographical Information System (GIS). Geographical information system is a profitable science in systemic evaluation of different parameters and is considered as a Support factor in decision making. In this research its relation with mathematical model of HEC-RAS and HEC-GEORAS has been evaluated. Estimation of optimum return period and flood damages due to different return period has been done. The result of this research clearly shows the relationship between HEC-RAS and GIS, also the flood location in different return period has been determined.

Keywords: Zoning of flood, Urban Catchment, Hydrology, HEC-GEO RAS, GIS.

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